Stop Doing This to Your Smartphone!

By Team Servify on Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Today, a smartphone means more to you than a super-computer-in-your-palm. It’s your gateway to the whole world. From watching a live telecast of SpaceX send a rocket to space, to booking a cab across town, to tapping the mute-for-a-year button on your society WhatsApp group, you are doing more on your smartphone today than ever before.

Now, imagine something terrible happening to the phone. Like it slipping from your hands, hitting the floor & leaving that gorgeous screen with a crack! Right through the middle. Painful to even imagine, right?

Look, gravity will always continue to exist. And until we have phones with instantly-deployable force fields around them, a good protection plan is your next best bet.

But which one do you get? Will they restore a broken phone to its former glory? What parts are they putting in there? Are they even supposed to be touching your phone, let alone fix it? Is that free plan actually going to save you when you need it the most? Did you even know that there were so many factors to consider while buying a protection plan? Why is the world so complicated?

While we don’t have the answer to the last question, we can very much simplify the decision of choosing a good phone Protection Plan.

1. Brand Authorisation is Key

Think about this for a bit. Who makes your phone? The Brand. Who understands most about what’s inside your phone? The Brand. Don’t you think it’s imperative that the brand backs your phone’s protection plan? From getting timely updates from the moment we pick up your broken device, right up to the moment it’s fixed & back with you. Life’s kinda “sorted” when you’re walking on this side of the road.

2. Unauthorised Repairs Could be Dangerous

An unauthorised repair carried out under a non-authorised plan can significantly damage your phone in many ways. Here’s how
1. Use of non-genuine parts. Which can hamper the performance of your phone to a large degree. Even make it a safety hazard
2. Repairs carried out by untrained people could lead to a whole new set of issues (which are beyond the scope of this piece).
3. An unauthorised repair can render your phone’s manufacturer warranty void. And in a world where your smartphone is one of the most expensive devices you own (give or take), you’ll be losing out on a lot.
4. Your whole life’s story is essentially stored on your phone. All your personal data could be fully exposed & be ripe for misuse.

3. Your Smartphone Could be Worthless When you Want to Sell it

Say you wanted to save a few bucks and went to an unauthorised repair shop. They fixed your phone, and it worked well for a while. But you started noticing some other issues cropping up. And now the unauthorised repair shop won’t support you because even they don’t know what exactly is wrong with your phone. Who do you turn to, then?

The brand can take a look at your phone’s issue but that’s where the story ends. Unauthorised repairs void warranty. Let that sink in.

There are plans out there which encourage unauthorised repairs! We tried hard, but we cannot imagine that kind of cruelty to your phone.

4. Think About your Data

While you do all sorts of earth-shattering stuff on your phone, it generates a LOT of data. And while you may or may not have backed up your data before the phone-shattering event, it could
be exposed to prying eyes; people who have no business poking their nose in your data.

Authorised service centres take many precautions to ensure your data is safe from the word go.
Not only to protect your privacy but to also ensure you’re up & running in no time, once the phone comes back to you.

5. What is the Servify Advantage

At Servify, we work with most of the leading smartphone brands (just in case someone’s counting, our score is 14 out of 16). This allows us to provide the best care for your smartphone. With a brand authorised plan, there’s the comfort that each & every part replaced during repair will be 100% genuine. No compromise on this aspect, ever.

Not all plans have this advantage, while others may encourage refund of unauthorised repairs, to cut costs. Some plans advertise brand authorised repairs but will most certainly have hidden caveats.

Moreover, the care taken by engineers trained by the brand is a whole lot more. Just an FYI, these engineers undergo rigorous training to understand the working of each small component. An unauthorised repair shop might second-guess how parts behave which may lead to more damage. Other plans might not always ensure brand authorised care, but with Servify, it’s a given.

You stand to benefit from an industry-leading process in which we have invested decades of our collective experience. We understand how hard it is to gain trust but so easy to lose. Which is exactly why our entire process is transparent and empowers our users’ ownership experience. Customer service is our DNA after all.

In closing, all we are saying is that we want you to be with a functional smartphone at all times. But in case something terrible happens to it, we’ve got your back.