Ensuring Broken Phones Do Not Lead to Broken Hearts

By Team Servify on Friday, June 1st, 2018

Remember that unfortunate moment when your newly purchased smartphone accidentally slipped out of your hand? You’ll be surprised to know the number of people who have experienced this heartbreak. In fact, approximately* 6% of the devices suffer such mishaps. This has given rise to a variety of insurance backed Damage Protection plans sold in the market.

While it is easy to buy an insurance plan for your smartphone, making a claim is altogether a different experience. Delay in settlement of claims is a common problem. You have to run from pillar to post to get a claim settled. Despite their best intentions, neither the program managers nor the insurers are able to deliver a simplified experience due to clunky workflows, out-dated technology, and lots of paperwork. Not to mention the barrage of unnecessary questions you have to answer.

We at Servify understand this and are transforming this space, one country at a time

We have designed and developed our very own device management platform for Speed, Simplicity & Seamlessness. Our platform benefits not only the consumers but also the program managers and everyone else involved in this process. To stay true to our vision of providing complete device assistance, we also facilitate doorstep pickup and drop service of the device and repairs ONLY at authorised service centers of brands.

Easy to Activate

First things first, we have simplified the plan activation process by using an app-based approach. Servify’s device assistance technology auto-detects the brand, model and IMEI number** of your smartphone. All you have to do is enter the activation code and voila… your plan is active! You can always purchase the plans within the app itself if you haven’t already.

Simple to Claim

In case of any damage to your phone, you can raise a claim by simply logging into our website or downloading the app on another phone. Just remember to use the same phone number to log in. A completely paperless and swift process helps you generate a claim request with a few clicks or taps.

Transparency, All Across

You will be notified once your claim is approved by email & SMS. After which, all you have to do is to book a repair request. You can choose to book an appointment at the closest service centre or get your device picked up from your doorstep. You will keep getting status updates about your device through SMS, email & in-app notifications till your repaired device is returned to you.


Believe in feedback? So do we. Hence we ask for your feedback once your claim request is fulfilled.

No One Can Whistle a Symphony, It Takes a Whole Orchestra to Play It

All this sounds like music to your ears? Servify360, our core platform, conducts this symphony. Servify360 runs behind the scenes, to deliver this seamless experience through process automation and deep integration between multiple partners. Our insurance partners, logistics agents and service partners use this core engine to fulfil your claim & repair request.

So the next time you buy a device insurance plan, ensure it is powered by Servify. We vouch that a cracked screen or a damaged phone does not give you heartbreak.

* Internal Servify Study
** For Android Devices only